Benefits of Having an Expunction

Benefits of Having an Expunction

The Benefits of Having an Expunction or having an old arrest record sealed are many.  We live at an age where all sorts of personal information is available to the public with a click of a mouse.  A potential employer, mortgage lender, significant other can easily find just about anything, from your past, with a simple search.

A past criminal record can stand in the way of your dream job, your dream home, and maybe even your dream car.  By Sealing your criminal record, or getting an Expunction, you can be certain that critical personal information about you is not floating about freely.

It is important to note that not everyone qualifies for an Expunction.  During your free phone consultation, Attorney Scott Nagel will ask you detailed information about your case.  Through the course of your conversation, he will determine whether or not you meet the specific criteria for an Expunction.

If you have further questions on how Sealing your Texas record can be beneficial to you, just pick up the phone and call us at 832-517-9551 for a free phone consultation and eligibility screening.

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